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Dr. Gary Michael

Do you want a wedding ceremony that embodies your ideas and wishes? If so, A Bargain Minister, who is really Gary Michael is your perfect choice as your wedding officiant. Gary, an ordained minister, customizes every wedding ceremony to the specific taste and values of the bride and groom. Couples can visit Gary at his home in East Denver, or relate their specifications by phone. Every couple is unique and deserves a unique ceremony. Whether religious or non-religious, formal or informal, indoors or out, the mood and length of the wedding ceremony is the couple’s call. Gary may make suggestions, but has only one agenda: to make sure the wishes of bride and groom are carried out faithfully. He has officiated at Catholic, Protestant, and atheist weddings. Have a look at the newspaper story in the testimonial page of a Christmas Day wedding for which Gary, at the couple’s request, dressed as Santa Claus.

No wedding license required

Gary does not require couples to have a marriage license and performs many ceremonies without one. If the couple wishes, he writes a testimonial to the fact that he indeed performed the marriage ceremony on a given date. The bride and groom can sign it at the chapel or before a notary and keep it as evidence of their agreement to be husband and wife. This kind of marriage contract, sometimes called common law, is valid in CO. If you have to deal with immigration or the military, a license is advisable.

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"Photo courtesy of Lanz Photography." Heather and Blake Lanz are the most creative and conscientious photographers I’ve ever had the privilege o working with. They cut no corners, spare no effort to provide beautiful memories for a couple. The couple here came all the way from Louisiana to get married in Co.
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Finally, after decades of officiating weddings, a cat attended a ceremony in our chapel. Dolly would have enjoyed it more had not the two dogs in attendance been so rambunctious.
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Denver Wedding Officiant, Dr Gary Michael, Ordained Minister
Making my wedding fun
Blowing blessing bubbles at Gay Pride wedding in Civic Center
Denver Wedding Officiant
Another loving couple shared their vows on Valentines Day 2019
Keeping my wedding simple
Marty, a former Navy officer, stands 6’6” and is the tallest groom ever to enter our chapel. I asked him if one of the many medals on his jacket-- and obscured here by Claudia—was for getting married, he replied, “Yes, combat duty."
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Adam and Therese in their backyard, where I married them on Easter.

Your wedding fee goes to an Animal Charity

wedding fee donation to charityDisciples of Jesus, the church in which Gary is ordained, is a strong supporter of animal charities. The fee you pay is, in fact, a contribution to animal charity and may be tax deductible (ask your accountant). The amount of your contribution depends on whether and how far Gary has to travel to get to your wedding location. Weddings in the Denver suburbs area rarely exceed $225, less for Central Denver. Couples coming alone or with their children to the chapel on 10th avenue contribute only $75. Bring your camera and Gary will be happy to take pictures for you.

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Marriage counseling not required

Nor does Gary insist on pre-marital counseling. He does pastoral counseling for those who wish it – usually, people having relationship difficulties – but believes couples themselves are the best judge of what they need.

Spiritual marriage ceremony
Jamira and Ledeana two of the most striking women ever to grace our chapel, came from Dallas for me to marry them.
Rock n Roll wedding theme
Kevin and Shelby came from Nashville to Denver to be married in our chapel. We had so much fun together I hated to see them leave. But that’s often the case.
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Special Theme Weddings

Among the most interesting – and fun! – ceremonies Gary has officiated: a Halloween wedding at which everyone was in costume; a commitment service for two women, one dressed as a traditional bride, the other in a men’s style suit; a formal wedding on a farm and attended by three cows; a poker theme wedding with poker lingo in the service – full house, King of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts, suited connectors, ante up, etc; a backyard party at which the entire wedding party, including the minister, was barefoot; and on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park. He’d welcome the opportunity to do a wedding underwater (he’s certified in scuba) or atop a Fourteener (he’s climbed all but one). During a parachute jump or just on a ski slope (modest moguls only, please) sound fun too. Read more about theme weddings here:

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Keeping you wedding simple

Themed Weddings

Use Your Personal Story You could pick a theme that shows a part of the story of you and your…
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