How To Create a Great Themed Wedding

You’ve said yes, picked a date and found a venue, and now you think you want to make a themed wedding.  A Bargain Minster in Denver loves themed weddings, and we have a few suggestions that can help you put together your perfect themed wedding that you and your guests will enjoy and remember.

Look for a Theme

Pinterest is a great place to look for wedding themes. You can create a dream board for inspiration. You may see common ideas emerge that will help find your theme. Sometimes it’s easy for couples to pick a theme based on the wedding venue or location. For example, a destination wedding in the mountains of Colorado may lead to a beautiful wedding on a mountaintop or by a babbling stream with views of the hills.

Make it a Personal Story

You could pick a theme that shows a part of the story of you and your future spouse. It could be a shared hobby or poem. It could be based on where you met or where your proposal was done. If the theme comes from a part of your story as a couple, your guests will likely enjoy the theme. Themed weddings based on a couple’s unique story can be some of the most rewarding ones to attend.

Be Subtle

Weave enough of your theme in that it is noticeable. You can choose to spread the theme throughout different aspects of your wedding. You want your theme to be noticeable and appreciated, but you also want it to be in balance. When it comes to themed weddings done right, incorporate your theme but do it without going overboard to avoid coming off as tacky or cheesy.

Use Your Theme as an Accent

Sometimes the understated use of a theme makes it more successful. If you are having your wedding at a vineyard, you could give your guests a bottle of the wine to enjoy instead of having merlot bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, and a red velvet cake – or hang fake grapevines everywhere you look. Using your theme to create a special touch can enhance your wedding while maintaining focus on the celebration of your love.

Being Personal is Timeless

If the day captures you as a couple and the love you have for each other, your wedding will be wonderful and timeless. If the way that you use your theme is fitting for you both as a couple and is reflective of who you are, you’ll be able to look back at photos and video and know that you hit all the right notes.

There can be a fine line between themed weddings done right and those that are overdone, but following the above tips will help you plan a wedding you will both love with a theme you will cherish. If you need a minister or a location for your themed wedding, contact us here at A Bargain Minister in Denver.

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