Affordable Wedding Venues in Denver, Colorado and Beyond

Affordable Wedding Venues in Denver, ColoradoAt A Bargain Minister in Denver, we know weddings can become quite costly. So we’ve put together a list of affordable wedding venues in Denver, Colorado and beyond. We want to help you plan the wedding you dream of at a price that will keep you within your budget.

Our Own Chapel

For those that are planning intimate affairs, our own chapel here in Denver may be the perfect place for you. Up to 20 people can be accommodated at our chapel. It is located in East Denver in the neighborhood of Congress Park on the NE corner of 10th Avenue and Milwaukee. Our service fee can be as little as $75. Our chapel is decorated with a great deal of art and stained glass. It can be a great location for smaller weddings.

Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO

This location offers a number of unique and beautiful location options. Packages for this venue will range depending on what options you choose. There is a spacious ballroom, a patio area, an amphitheater, and more available for you choose according to your budget.

City Park Pavilion in Denver, CO

This historic Denver wedding venue is available from mid-April through mid-October and can only be reserved from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. It will accommodate up to 350 guests. This Spanish style building has some wonderful photo opportunities and is surrounded by picturesque scenery. Fees are generally $1,000 or less (plus security deposit). This is a great location for an alcohol-free wedding.

Wheatridge Recreation Center Ballroom in Wheatridge, CO

This location can provide a great setting for both intimate affairs and larger ones (up to 250 guests). You can choose the ballroom or alternative activity rooms for your wedding venue. This location also offers a number of amenity choices. The prices range depending on the length of time you choose, as well as the room(s), and services.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO

Besides affordable wedding venues in Denver, Colorado, there are many great spots across the state. The appeal of Garden of the Gods as a wedding venue is the spectacular surroundings and the price, free! There are a few considerations to take into account. There are no reservations available, you are limited to 50 guests depending on the location, and the ceremony must be brief. Receptions are only allowed at the nearby picnic areas, but the red rock formations will make for a memorable event, so it is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Some Additional Things to Mull Over

Looking for more tips from Gary? Here are more thoughts on weddings and your budget. Friday and Saturday wedding venues will be more expensive. Having a wedding during the week may not be ideal but the prices may be much more affordable. Some locations have strict rules to consider while others discourage outside vendors or have a preferred list of vendors. Such considerations may make the location more or less desirable.

Finally, the size of your guest list can make a big difference in cost—take time to think about each person you with to invite to participate in your special day. While a big party may be a lot of fun, keeping on budget with fewer loved ones and special friends in attendance can be equally enjoyable!

If you want affordable wedding venues in Denver, Colorado and beyond, contact us here at A Bargain Minister in Denver. We can help you achieve a wedding you will cherish.

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