Colorado wedding seasons

  • Winter and Spring

There is little difference between these two seasons in Colorado. If you want a beautiful white background for your wedding photos, November to April would be a great time to get hitched. You should be able to get the best rates on a wedding service in late November, early December, and January. Early February, late March, and April are also times for reasonable prices. The best temperatures will be in late March and April.

  • Summer

Love is truly in the air during summertime. Here’s why summer is universally referred to as ‘Wedding Season’.

A Chance for A Sun-Kissed Ceremony

Every bride dreams of the sun shining down on her while uttering the words ‘I do’. And this dream can become a reality due to gorgeous summer weather. Summer, unlike Spring, is less prone to rain showers and inclement conditions — bringing you closer to your perfect wedding.

Longer Days Equal More Memories

The sun plays another pivotal role, serving as the all-day lighting specialist for your wedding. Long summer days make outdoor weddings and receptions feel livelier and more energetic — all helped along by a boost of Vitamin D too.

You can expect beautiful scenery and comfortable temperatures throughout the summer in Colorado. You will probably get the best rates during May, June, and August. If you are interested in a dude ranch style wedding, June through August is good months for that.

  • Fall

Fall weekends can get busy in Colorado, but September through mid-October is a good time to get married in the state. There are also many festivals going on throughout the fall that add some fun to fall weddings.

Whenever you decide to tie the knot, Gary Michael is ready to be your wedding minister. The ceremony of a lifetime — officiated by a consummate professional — awaits you and your partner.

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