How to choose the perfect wedding dress

Your wedding is one of the most important and stressful days of your life, and, understandably, you want everything to be perfect. Choosing the ideal wedding dress is easier than you think.

First, research the types of wedding dresses you like and be open to considering styles and designs that are different from your usual style. Next, schedule a bridal sizing and shop true to your size. The size of your dress will be one to two sizes larger than your regular size.

Next, shop early for your dress. Choosing a dress is only one part of planning a wedding, so shop for your wedding dress at least six months in advance to give you plenty of time to find the perfect one for you.

Gary Michael is an ordained Minister in Denver, Colorado. He is ready to help alleviate many of the stresses associated with planning a wedding and making your wedding dreams a reality. Contact Gary Michael today!

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