How to find a wedding officiant

Feel Comfortable

Finding an officiant that puts you at ease is a great way to help the day feel less stressful. You want an officiant that helps you feel confident and supported about your plan for your day. Additionally, you should feel assured that your officiant is going to provide you with a ceremony that is personalized according to what you and your partner want.

Be Clear

Every officiant has different parameters for the ceremonies that they perform. Some officiants may provide a detailed wedding script, while others are less formal. If you have a clear understanding of what your ceremony will contain, you may be able to avoid unexpected or unwanted preaching for example.

Be Clear on the Officiant’s Rules

If an officiant has particular rules, it is important to know and respect that when choosing your wedding officiant. For example, if you have a Christian minister, they may not be willing or able to include an Islamic prayer. Some officiants may be willing to co-officiate instead. If you are looking to mix religious ceremonies to represent each partner in the marriage, you will want to be clear on whether your chosen officiant is willing and able to do that.

Put it in Writing

Weddings are full of details. To be able to get exactly what you want, a written agreement can be helpful. This will help all parties remember what has been discussed and agreed to and it can help avoid surprises.

Following these tips will help in choosing your wedding officiant and enjoying the ceremony that you really want. If you need a ceremony officiant, contact us here at A Bargain Minister in Denver. We will help you have the perfect ceremony for your special day.

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