How to move forward with your wedding during a natural disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, it might feel like someone pulled the rug out from under you. At any moment, your wedding plans might have to change drastically:

– Check with your wedding officiant regularly as events unfold. An experienced officiant can provide you with guidance on how best to proceed when circumstances are beyond your control.

– Set up a private group on a social media platform with family, friends and other guests so that you can keep them in the loop.

– When dealing with travel obstacles or public health concerns, talk to your officiant about customizing the event. For example, you might live-stream a small, personal ceremony instead.

– Try to stick with the date if possible, even if you, your significant other and the officiant are the only people in attendance. Since a marriage is ultimately between two people and you can always schedule a separate celebration after the disaster ends, there is no reason to put your commitment on hold.

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