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A Bargain Minister’s Blog

Dr. Gary Michael

Keep our wedding affordable

What to do if it looks like rain on your wedding day

Of course, you will likely be planning your wedding months ahead, so unless you live somewhere that rain is frequent, then you have no way to know if it will be raining on your wedding day until closer to the date itself. However, it’s always best to be prepared, and there are some ways you…
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Classy outdoor wedding venue in Denver

How to select the perfect wedding venue

While most of the traditional wedding practices are optional nowadays, having a venue is a must. It is essential to choose a great location where you, your partner and perhaps a few loved ones can enjoy your special day. Before you do so, ensure that you have proper knowledge of your guest list. Please select…
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Traditional wedding ceremony

Ask potential wedding photographers how long they intend to take

Through so many experiences, I reckon this is a question that is so rarely asked by couple as they go through a process of selecting their wedding photographer. Yet, I think it’s quite important. I’ve seen many weddings where a photographer basically tries to take over the show. Determined to prove their worth, they can…
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Outdoor wedding locations in Denver

Why rings aren’t the only way to symbolize your marriage.

While steeped in tradition, wedding rings are not the only things that can be exchanged when you say your vows. More and more American couples are choosing to buck the trend and tie the knot with some other more symbolic tokens which are more personal to them. From matching tattoos to beautiful pendant necklaces, wristwatches…
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Planning a wedding in Denver

Reasons to get married on a weekday

Though most weddings take place on the weekends, they don’t have to. Getting married on a weekday means that you won’t have to pay as much for the wedding. Booking a venue for a weekday is always much easier thank booking one for a weekend. It also makes it easier to book your vendors, who…
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How to keep wedding ceremonies fun

These songs MUST be in your wedding playlist

You’ve chosen a venue, picked out catering, and hired a wedding minister. Once you’ve solidified those key details, don’t forget the small, fun touches that make your wedding truly unique, like your wedding playlist! Here are a few crowd-pleasing songs that’ll get your guests dancing, singing, and twirling the night away. “Sweet Caroline” by Neil…
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Can I have my kids in my wedding

Making your children a part of your wedding

For many wedding celebrations, the bride and groom will have children whom they’d like to be a key part of the day. This might be together, or for youngsters who come from their separate past relationships. In the latter case, I feel it’s so important to emphasize the joy of two families being bound into…
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Outdoor wedding locations in Denver

What three famous folk have said about love and marriage

It’s fun to read what well-known people have said about love and marriage and see if you agree. Let’s start with movie legend Audrey Hepburn who reckoned that ‘If I get married, I want to be very married’. Then beloved author Maya Angelou suggested that ‘Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates…
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Planning our wedding

The best time to get married in Colorado by season

Winter and Spring There is little difference between these two seasons in Colorado. If you want a beautiful white background for your wedding photos, November to April would be a great time to get hitched. You should be able to get the best rates on a wedding service in late November, early December, and January.…
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How to write my wedding vows

Things old, new, borrowed, and blue to make your wedding day easy

We all know the wedding tradition rhyme: “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Stuck for ideas but like the novelty of committing to these essentials? Here are a few suggestions to peruse: Old: Old doesn’t have to mean antique! Save money and resist buying fancy new bridal lingerie – wear your long-time…
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ceremony A Bargain Minister Denver

How to choose the perfect wedding theme

Take a moment and close your eyes. What colors are you envisioning where your wedding service is taking place? How does the atmosphere feel? What are your guests’ reactions? After you’ve taken a moment to picture it, try and come up with a venue that won’t clash with your theme. This is a very important…
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Wedding ceremony Denver

Why you should customize your wedding service

Getting married is a family affair, at least that’s what most people will tell you. Most of us can recite the standard wedding ceremony by heart, and some parts probably ring very true. However, couples simply aren’t the same as they were when the traditions first began. They meet online, they date over long distances,…
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