Planning a wedding at your home

At A Bargain Minister in Denver, we know couples who have opted to go with something less massive than a hotel ballroom and endless guest list. If you decide to go with a more intimate setting, these ideas will help you get started with planning for your special day.

A Place with Meaning

Choosing to have your wedding in your home or the home of someone close to you can make your wedding more meaningful than it would be otherwise. Maybe your childhood home is the perfect place or maybe your grandparents’ house at the lake would make your wedding pictures spectacular.

A Place with Space

Be sure that your chosen space will be sufficient for all the guests you plan to invite. If your celebration will be a cozy affair, then a home wedding may be an easy fit, but if you want 150 guests and the house and yard will only accommodate 50, you may need to make some tough decisions.


One of our key tips for planning a home wedding is to consider what your outdoor space will look like. You may want to plant flowers well ahead of time and may even want to consult with a landscaper to help you shape your vision.

Wedding Officiant

Be sure that your chosen officiator has no issue with performing your ceremony at your house. Some religious ceremonies can only be held at official houses of worship. This may prompt you to find a new officiator or change your ceremony venue.

These tips for planning a home wedding will get you started. Call us at A Bargain Minister in Denver and we can help get you started with your wedding needs.

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