Tips for having a safe wedding

Although the these trying times have disrupted a lot of social events, you don’t need to cancel your wedding,  It is possible to keep everyone safe and still have a fabulous day:

  • Explain to everyone the reason for not waiting in simple terms. For example, you might say that you want to move forward with your joining because you don’t want to put your lives on hold.
  • Keep the in person wedding size restricted to necessary participants. Most people in your social circles will understand that you want everyone to be safe. Those who don’t will simply have to accept your decision.
  • Use a screen and videoconferencing app so that all of your loved ones, friends and coworkers can be participants even though they won’t be present in person.
  • Protect yourselves, your officiant and witnesses by following social distancing practices, such as standing more than six feet away from the minister and using a microphone with speakers to say your vows instead of pronouncing them loudly.

Gary Michael with A Bargain Minister is an ordained wedding officiant who is proud to be able to continue to help Denver couples enjoy their special day during these difficult times.

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