Unique, Money-Saving Wedding Venue Ideas

Unique, Money-Saving Wedding Venue Ideas A Bargain Minister DenverToday, A Bargain Minister in Denver shares a few ideas for unique, money-saving wedding venue ideas. Because this can be one of the most expensive parts of having a wedding, being a little resourceful and creative can save you a great deal of money (and stress) while getting your marriage off to a better financial start.

Here are a few venue ideas that can help you save money but still provide you with a beautiful and setting to make your wedding memorable.

Barns and Fields

If you have a neighbor or a friend with a barn, you might have the perfect opportunity for a practically free venue. It may need some deep cleaning and possibly a coat of paint. The barn can be used for the ceremony or the reception. It can also be used as a backdrop.

Additionally, an adjoining field may make a lovely natural location for the wedding, the reception and photos. Some fields have some truly spectacular backgrounds of natural beauty that make for an idyllic wedding location.


Here in Colorado, it’s a bit easier to find a friend or family member with a pond in their yard or on their property. These can be great locations for weddings, a lovely backdrop that will be memorable for you and your guests. Simple decorations and flowers complete the scene.

Parks or Landmarks

State and local parks may allow you to use the site for very minimal fees. Some are even free. Be sure to do your research on special rules and permit requirements may apply. Be sure to choose your timing wisely so that you can make use of a day when the park is less crowded. Some options include great sites for receptions while others may only allow the ceremony, so doing your research will be important.

Foyers or Staircases

If you know someone with a particularly beautiful foyer, staircase or house, you may be able to score a unique location for free. This may be perfect if your ceremony is intimate. With a staircase as your stage or altar, guests can gather around and enjoy a better view. You may even be able to use the yard for the reception or simply head to a nearby restaurant.

Schools or Universities

Some schools and universities have great wedding locations and if you are an alumnus, you may be able to use one for your special day. Maybe if you met at a college football game, you might want to take advantage of the football stadium or maybe they have a particularly pretty gazebo area that would make a great setting. Some places may be particularly open to the idea while others may prohibit the use of certain areas. There is no harm in inquiring!

Unique, money-saving wedding venue ideas are a great way to have a memorable wedding that meets your budget needs. If you want to check out our own intimate venue location or if you need a minister, contact us here at A Bargain Minister in Denver.

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