What Is A Customized Wedding Ceremony

The word means designed for you and you only. You get exactly what you want and nothing you don’t want. You can compare a customized wedding ceremony to a customized suit or dress. For a unique outfit, you select the fabric you want, its weight, color and texture. A tailor or dressmaker takes your measurements and asks what style you’d like ­ how tight or loose fitting, something for formal or informal occasions, and if you want any special embellishments. You end up with exactly what you want, a piece of apparel made to order that fits you perfectly.

A wedding officiant who customizes does for your wedding ceremony what the tailor or dressmaker does for your new piece of clothing. He or she talks with you about the kind of ceremony you’d like, what kind of mood, whether festive, solemn, humorous, religious or non- religious, what you want included and what not. He or she may give you ideas to consider, maybe even suggestions, but always honors your decisions. After all, it’s your wedding.

Customization goes beyond showing you some scripts to choose from. Why be limited to choosing among scripts, none of which is a perfect fit for you? You can get help creating your own unique wedding ceremony. You’re a unique couple and deserve a unique ceremony. Don’t settle for less. Call me and we’ll design your perfect wedding ceremony.

One way to customize a wedding ceremony is to bring the children of the bride and groom into it, talk about how two families are being made one. At this wedding, Jimmy brought his two sons and Barbara her two daughters. As an ordained minister and wedding officiant, nothing gives me more pleasure than helping to create a larger family unit — except making them laugh for the photo I take.

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