Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

In any wedding ceremony the focus should be on the bride and groom – they’re ones people came to see. It’s an irony that the wedding officiant usually has more to say: he or she is the greeter of the guests, director of the ceremony, and usually the person who speaks the blessing. I do whatever’s possible to keep attention directed toward the couple, like stepping aside if the bride and groom have some vows of their own to say to each other. Yet sometimes the most memorable part of a ceremony may be neither the couple nor the wedding officiant. While flower girls and young boy ring bearers don’t utter a word, they can leave a lasting impression.

Do you find these as endearing as I do?

This snappy chap made his entrance bent forward and striding purposefully,
shades in place and strong box in hand.
I wanted to hand the mic to the groom and applaud.
This young lady did her job with uncommon
grace and a light up the chapel smile.
A snappy ring bearer at an Hispanic wedding
Quite simply the prettiest flower girl in my — granted — limited memory. She didn’t have to throw flowers in the air, as one dramatic lass did, to make a lasting impression.
One cool coif, an elegant suit, and new
sneakers — an unbeatable combination.
Are the rings in his fist or does he want to strike the photographer?
Another dazzlingly beautiful flower girl.
Talking to the little kids at a wedding is for me a
big part of the fun.