The Bride Who Fooled Her Doctors

We come now to a story of medical folly and bridal survival. Having been the officiant for my friend Nancy’s wedding, I was struck dumb when she called me a few years later and said, “Gary, my doctor told me I have two months to live.” When cancer is found, we don’t doubt that prognosis, however dire. But the doctor was wrong, so wrong that Nancy outlived him and two other oncologists who thought her demise was, if not imminent, coming within the year.

Now it happened that Nancy’s 70th birthday coincided with an author reading I gave on Across A Crowded Room: From First Impression to Authentic Connection at the then Cherry Creek Tattered Cover. (It was one of three of my Tat presentations, each on a different book and at a different store.) Nancy, to my delight, attended.

Throughout the program I joked about having to compete with Terry Bradshaw, who was speaking at the LoDo Tat the same night. “Terry and I have four Superbowl rings between us.” “Do you think Terry’s throwing chocolate to audience members who ask questions?” And after telling the story of “a lady we have “with us this evening,” I led the 70 some people present in Happy Birthday, followed by, “Do you think Terry Bradshaw sang Happy Birthday tonight?”

All loved it.

Thank you, Nancy, and you too Terry.