What Is the Cost of a Wedding Minister?

Weddings are a beautiful time of shared joy between families and a memorable celebration of holy unification. It’s a day both families will remember forever and the starting point on one of life’s most holy relationships. Because they carry so much importance, wedding service details must be placed in good hands.

This is why selecting the right wedding officiant or marital officiant for your wedding is paramount. The best have experience officiating many kinds of weddings and will take the time to get to know what YOU want.

Experienced wedding officiants may charge upward of $500 for generic services and some may not accept the unique circumstances of your wedding.

Alternatively, Gary Michael, aka The Bargain Minister, will take the time to go through your wedding plans and give you a quote that meets them. He charges as little as $85 and encourages you to meet with him before any quotes are exchanged. While comparatively low prices are the reason behind his moniker, Gary assures his couples that his willingness to cater to their every need is what sets him apart as a wedding officiant.

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