What to do if it looks like rain on your wedding day

Of course, you will likely be planning your wedding months ahead, so unless you live somewhere that rain is frequent, then you have no way to know if it will be raining on your wedding day until closer to the date itself. However, it’s always best to be prepared, and there are some ways you can prep ahead in case rain is forecast for your special day.

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, make sure your venue has an indoor wedding facility that can be used as a backup or has a backup place secured just in case. If the rain isn’t predicted to be too heavy, you can always look into renting a tent.

Also, you may have an indoor wedding planned, but maybe you have outdoor pictures scheduled, or the wedding party has to walk from somewhere else to the main venue. If you get closer to your wedding date and see that it’s supposed to rain, you can still be prepared. Make sure you have blankets, towels, and umbrellas for the wedding party. Or see if you can find a place closer to where the ceremony will be held for the wedding party to get ready. The best thing you can do if it does rain is make the best of it and enjoy your day!

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